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Please note: because of my commitments to the websites associated with my books, I no longer have time to add new articles to this page. That should not stop you reading them. This is for two key reasons:

1 Because they are mainly about the basics of digital marketing, they still have relevance today, and

2 They represent the history of online marketing - if such a short period can be described as 'history'.

If you want to fully understand the subject well enough to earn a living in the discipline - or just pass an assignment - read them and learn.

MySpace Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Hints This is a perfect example of how I think 'practitioner' articles can be more useful than those from an academic source. Not only is this up-to-date, it gives some clear guidance on what to, and not to, do out there in the real world.

I think this is a great idea - but the folks engaged would need to be good, which means paying them well, which means costs will be high, which [I'm afraid] means few will take this onboard - don't just listen, join in the conversation.

The title of this one - How To Build An Audience On MySpace - says it all. As with other articles on social media, I think this has limited application for marketers [read: very few], but this is a good list of things to do [though it doesn't tell you how to do them].

This one - How To Win Friends And Influence People In Social News Networks - is an excellent guide to getting known on a social network. Take note, however - it's not a 5 minute job you can rattle off just before you pack up for the day. The same does for this one - 7 Tips To Win The Social News Beauty Pageant.

I'm not convinced by the stats in the first sentence of this article [and students take note: no reference is given], but the main message - Seven Ways Your Company Can Harness the Power of Blogs - is sound.

Realistically, this article - The Secret Strategies Behind Many 'Viral' Videos - could be the only one you need to read on this subject. I love both this article and the furore it caused amongst the folk commenting on it. My view? Did you really believe that the video that launched a new pop career [or whatever] was made by some girly on her mobile phone in her bedroom? Yeah right - of course it was. Hello, welcome to social media marketing. The conclusion to this article says "You simply can't expect to post great videos on YouTube and have them go viral on their own, even if you think you have the best videos ever. These days, achieving true virality takes serious creativity, some luck, and a lot of hard work." 'Nuff said. Note that this is included in 'social media marketing' because it uses the medium to spread the message.

If you've read down this far you will have detected that whilst I think social media could well replace most other aspects of marketing for some products/industries, for others - probably the majority - I think the applications are limited. That said, it can work - and here are some good tips if you cannot afford to employ the services of someone like the guy featured in the article above. 10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success. Note however, although this writer gives some guides on time allocation, my experience says you should at least double those times - keeping up with even one active blog is extremely time consuming - and needs to be done every day.

One of the key issues in social media marketing is - does it work? Sure, users love to visit social networking and community sites, but it is difficult to assess ROI on any marketing efforts in this media - indeed, many question if SMM has any value at all. This article might help - Ten Things to Know About Measuring Social Media.

This article - 3 basic ingredients for an online social community to exist and thrive - has some good tips, and the preamble makes a number of sensible points.

I can't really add to the title of this one - Five Tips To Avoid Getting Burned When Starting Social Media Campaigns - but tip number five is one that I have mentioned several times on this page.

Although the title of 13 Tactics to Make Social Media Work Harder talks of tactics, I think some, if not most, of these would guide social media marketing strategy development.

I'm not sure I agree with the title of 13 'Old-School' Marketing Techniques That Take Your Facebook Fan Page From Wimpy to Wow because some of the tips are online-specific, but still .. there are some good ideas included.

This article - How To Use Linkedin To Generate Business - is B2B oriented. It not only has some good tips itself, but there are also some good links within it.

I have always had a lot to say about writing for the web being different to writing for other media and 10 Ways in which social media writing is different from traditional web writing takes the argument a stage further.

If the differences in Facebook accounts confuse you, take a look at Facebook 101: A Simple Guide To Understanding When & How To Use Basic Features, and Facebook's new pages: what they mean for marketers does what it says on the tin.

When A Welcome Tab Isn't Enough is good advice for those organizations that take their Facebook presence seriously.

I have added this article into 'tips and hints ...' as I think it is an example of good practice. Pay particular attention to 'consistency' - there is a team of people dedicated to this enterprise [so don't let me hear anyone say Twitter is free], see; first direct & customer service via Twitter.

Google+ is Google's answer to Facebook, Five brands that are using Google+ effectively offers advice on how to make the best of it.

Social shopping is a close relative to networking, this article gives some ideas on how to make the most of it - Five Ways to Tap Into Social Shopping.

I like this one - 15 Fundamental Truths About Social Media Marketing - because, as I have commented elsewhere, it explains how time-consuming the practice is if you are going to do it properly.

The title of this one - What Social Media Marketing Is Not - says it all, but I do like the response to the 'it's a fad' comments : 'Communication isn't a fad' - and social media is all about communication.

Some sound advice here - Seven Steps to a Successful Marketing Blog - but take note: it is not an overnight event and significant committment is required. This article appears to trump the last by adding an extra step - Eight Tips For Successful B2B Blogs, whilst this one - Business Blogging FAQs - covers the same ground in a different way.

This article - Three Key Determinants of Your Company's Readiness to Plunge Into Social Media - makes some good points - and it emphasizes my oft-made point about the need for both time and expertise if the organization's foray into SMM is to be effective.

This one is on consumer generated content - its title says it all : 20 ways to get reviews from customers. Reviews and testimonials are close relatives, this article has some good advice [based on research] on what works and what doesn't - Using Testimonials Effectively.

My normal stance on the use of YouTube et al for marketing is that there is a [very] limited application. This article - Really Boring Products That Rocked in Social Media - however, shows that thinking out of the box can work but I doubt it will work more than once for the same type of product/industry - so copy-catting is not an option.

I must admit that the whole 'Twitter' thing passed me by, so I suppose I am the type of person at whom this article is targeted - Is Twitter for the Birds? Whilst this is a very good article, like much of social media, I wonder where I would find the time to participate effectively.

I have to declare an opinion on this one: if it weren't for my teaching and writing on the subject, I would have little or no interest in social networks. According to this article - Social Networks Are Not Yet Universal - I'm not the only one. The same goes for podcasts, see - Podcast Usage Still Skews Young. Advertisers, take note.

It has always struck me that serious social media is a full-time occupation [I mean as a marketing tool, not a hobby], and this article on how to use it effectively - Twitter: Email With A 140-Character Limit? - confirms my opinion.

Not only is Should brands ignore social media criticism? an excellent article, it has some excellent links within it.

If the organization intends on getting involved in social media marketing - here's some tips Seriously stupid socialising: how to ruin writing.

This article - Five Ways to Use Twitter to Improve Your Marketing - is an excellent list of applications for Twitter which I think can be applied to other elements of social media. However, I repeat what I have said elsewhere on this page : I doubt that this is a realistic option for many organizations. On a similar subject is Facebook for Business: Can Brands Ever Get It Right?. It's a good article, but take note of the first comment - it mirrors my view on the subject.

Setting up your social media site - FaceBook or whatever - is a waste of time [and money] if no one visits it. 25 Ways to Make Friends, Fans, and Followers is a sound guide on how to get users there.

Managing global websites is problematic - but what about Managing A Brand's Global Social Profiles On Facebook?

7 Actionable Facebook Tactics for Marketers sets its stall out in its title. As with all aspects of SMM [indeed, all marketing] however, whilst these tactics can be suitable for some brands or organizations, they are not right for them all. Take the first suggestion for example: 'Publish on Facebook to create interactions with and among your fans'. Suppose I make and sell those tiny plastic and rubber 'feet' that fit on the legs of [for example] ornaments to help avoid scratching furniture. Right, I'm going to interact with consumers about them. You get my point?

I think the title of How should a young company approach social media marketing? is a bit misleading - it is more to do with how any company can join in on SMM. Some good examples are included.

I totally agree with the title of
Beyond the Buzz, Social Media Is a Business Decision, for the use of social media as part of its marketing communications is not something any organization should take lightly [and yet so many do]. This article looks at the issue from a more strategic standpoint [which is good], and is written by someone who should know - its author is the man behind Dell's successful social media marketing campaign.

11 Deadly Social Media Sins offers some good advice on what not to do.

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