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Please note: because of my commitments to the websites associated with my books, I no longer have time to add new articles to this page. That should not stop you reading them. This is for two key reasons:

1 Because they are mainly about the basics of digital marketing, they still have relevance today, and

2 They represent the history of online marketing - if such a short period can be described as 'history'.

If you want to fully understand the subject well enough to earn a living in the discipline - or just pass an assignment - read them and learn.

Online Shoppers Take Their Time has good advice based on reality.

I think the author of this article - 12 Ways to Increase Sales on Your Site - would readily admit that it is actually based on good old-fashioned offline retail models - and it is very good for that reason. Larry Chase's site has a few links from my pages, take a while to browse around, it's full of good stuff.

Although the title of this article - In House 5 Essential Concepts For E-Commerce SEO - suggests it is about SEO, there is more to it than that. I have included it here for its advice on how to structure product pages.

Some good stuff in this article - Cookies, Milk & Kramer: Converting Visitors Into Buyers - read my comments after it for my opinion.

I suppose I could have included this one - The 27 varieties of tweet used by retailers - in the section on social media marketing, but it is aimed at retailers, and offers them a number of good ideas. Note however, the 'comment' from Peter Cutler which raises some good points. My own view is that most of the 27 are simply ads pushed out through a new medium - and question their value to the vast majority who receive them.

There are some excellent tips on a neglected aspect of shopping carts in this article, complete with examples of good and bad practice - see Continue Shopping Means What?.

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