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15 February

Physio again this morning - that Walter O'Reilly is a real sadist (must be his army backround) I'm sure my body isn't supposed to bend the way he bends it. Only kidding Walt.

Posted by Oliver at 1.16 pm

16 February

Nurse Houlihan leaves today. She's in the Army Territorials and has gone off to some war zone to nurse in a tent for 6 months. Hope she will be OK. I'll miss her - with any luck I'll be up and around before she comes back.

Posted by Oliver at 10.38 am

17 February

New guy brought in this morning - John - rugby injury, similar to mine. Not saying much, but neither did I at that stage.

Posted by Oliver at 5.01 pm

Since damaging my spine while playing American Football in January 2008, I have been lucky enough to have been cared for in the spinal unit of the Matthew Humberstone Foundation Hospital in London, England (thank God my parents paid for private health insurance).

It can get boring - this blog helps me. I hope it might help others.