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2 January

A bad start today. Called out 2.30 am to help with emergency surgery on a car crash victim. Mr Pierce [surgeon] and his team did their best but the patient died on the table. She was only 19. And pregnant.

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2 January

And life goes on. Only 6 hours later I was in the right place at the right time to help when a middle-aged mother's pregnancy went from 'ordinary' to 'emergency'. A healthy baby and recovering mother

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3 January

Day off - went to see the Reds in the FA Cup at Man City. won 3-0 away from home. Memories are made of this. Missed train home (too much celebrating) but worth it.

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5 January

All morning in presentation of some new equipment we are thinking of buying. Too much 'sales' in the session for me - but it does seem to be good kit.

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I have been an on-call anaesthetist for the Matthew Humberstone Foundation group of hospitals since 2001. Although I am based in their emergency care unit, I frequently attend operations in all of the Foundation's hospitals around London.