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Because I have visited on business, I have been in Athens in all months of the year. The following come from my memory, and might be particular to the years I have been there. For more specific weather and temperature details, there are other sites around that will be of greater benefit.

July and August are hot. Very hot. So hot that most of the locals leave the city - it would seem that all middle class folk in Athens have a 'summer house' - usually on the coast - where they go to avoid the mid-summer heat. One thing to note is that there is often a breeze blowing if you get above ground level. I mention 'above ground level', because as space is at such a premium, most hotels that have a pool have that pool on the roof. So beware, the breeze is nice up there, but it makes it easier to get burnt.

September to early December is pleasant. I often stayed in a hotel a couple of miles from where I was teaching - I always walked, and never wore a coat. A light jacket perhaps, but that was enough - and I would sometimes carry that. Evenings at this time, I would be able to sit outside at night to have a drink [see bars and restaurants] though perhaps not for a meal later in the year.

January and February are the coldest months, if you can call that cold. I have still sat outside of a bar to have a beer and a cigar in January, even though I did have a thin jacket on. I suppose the chance to show off their winter wardrobes is limited, so locals wrap up as if for Siberia at the mere hint of cold weather. I was there once when it snowed, absolute chaos ensued as the city closed down for a few hours until the laying snow melted. I was also there when there was torrential rain for a few hours. Half the city flooded, the other half had a power cut. Fortunately I was staying in the flooded half, so I sat in the hotel bar and watched it all unfold on TV.

Athens:  Monastiraki square March and April I like. They are good months for site-seeing. The weather is, well ... pleasant. There is some sunshine around, not hot enough to sunbathe, but warm enough to spend an agreeable hour or sitting in an open air bar or restaurant. Be prepared for the odd shower, however.

May and June. Most days are the equivalent of an English summer. You could sit in the sun most days and come home with a nice tan. OK for site-seeing if you avoid being out in the sun around midday.

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