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There are plenty of web sites that describe the accommodation available in Athens - including those of the hotels themselves, so having me simply listing that stuff has little point. In all my times in Athens I have only stayed in six hotels - when you travel for your employer, you stay where they put you!

Athens: the entrance to the Titania Hotel Fortunately for me that place was usually the Titania on Panepistimiou Avenue. It is only a hundred yards from Omonia Square, and about half a mile from Syntagma Square. It was gradually upgraded for the Olympics and I'm pretty sure I was usually in an 'un-upgraded' room - nevertheless it is a very good hotel. The new entrance/foyer is very impressive. Its crowning glory is the roof top bar/restaurant with the view of the Acropolis, particularly good in the dark. Well worth a visit even if you are not staying in the hotel, even if the beer is some of the most expensive in Athens.

On a couple of occasions my ex went out with me and we stayed at the Park on Alexandras Ave. Great hotel, particularly because it has a pool on the roof - meaning you can get in some sun-bathing. Although it is hardly out in the suburbs, the Park is quite a way from Plaka, where we spent most evenings. However, it is walk-able, and it is a pleasant walk. Omonia is about 15 -20 minutes. We would make a 'bar stop' between the hotel and Plaka. The Titania's roof terrace is about half way. However, we like walking in order to get a feel for the place we are in, but other folk might want to consider taking some form of transport, there is a metro station nearby.

On another visit I stayed at the Olympic Palace Hotel on Filellinon Street [see Easter Parade ]. We booked this on availability [a late booking for Easter] and price [we're not rich]. It was fine. Very good location just on the edge of Plaka. Its problem? Like, I suspect, a lot of other hotels in Athens it was built quite a while ago. This means that they are in old buildings, and there is only so much you can do with an old building, no matter how luxurious they were in their time.

Athens: the Hotel Grande Bretagne Once, when the Titania was full, the University booked me into the Athens Acropol on Omonia Square. A good hotel, I would go back. Let's put it this way - it is part a chain, and it is a 'chain' hotel. I say this as a complement, in my experience the modern chains are good value for money - but it lacks the character of the independents.

In 2005 I stayed in the Hotel Parthenon on Makri St for two consecutive weekends [something I've done several times over the years]. Well placed at the beginning of the [fairly new] pathway to the Acropolis, which places it handily at the top end of Plaka [or bottom end, depending on which way up you have the map]. I would place the Parthenon in the same league as the Olympic Palace, but higher up the table. I particularly liked the reception staff.

The Amalia Hotel on Amalias is the one nearly opposite the Parliament building, near Syntagma Square, from where I watched the football-result-motivated festivities [see football celebrations]. Again, this sits in the same league as the Parthenon and the Olympic Palace. Not the greatest on earth, but perfectly acceptable for the prices they charge [particularly as they are in the centre of a European capital city] and hey, you're not supposed to visit a city and spend too much 'awake' time in a hotel room. [Note: when I was there in 06, the Amalias had building work being done. It was open again when I was there in 2010].

In July 06 I stayed in the Residence Georgio, and most impressed I was too. Fairly new [opened for the Olympics, I suspect], this is a modern hotel with modern facilities, including a roof-top pool. Just down the road from Omonia Square it is a bit of a walk to Plaka, but not too far to put you off staying here. I went back there for my 2010, 2011 and 2012 visits [I suppose that is a recommendation]. Since it opened, it has changed ownership and re-named the Melia Athens. The rooms are excellent - though I was disappointed that many of the pool's sunbeds have been replaced by 'booths' which are more suited to the roof-top bar the pool area converts to every evening.

My advice on picking a hotel? Use a map and look where you think you will go most often. If that is Plaka, choose a hotel near Plaka and let the prices indicate the quality. If cost is not a problem, pick the hotel you think looks best and use taxis to get where you want to go.

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