Digital Marketing - a Practical Approach

chapter 1 : the online environment

chapter 2 : getting started online

chapter 3 : website development

chapter 4 : the b2c online presence

chapter 5 : the b2b online presence

chapter 6 : search engine optimization

chapter 7 : online advertising

chapter 8 : permission marketing

chapter 9 : social media marketing

chapter 10 : epilogue

the case studies used in the book
case study copyright notice

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This website provides an additional resource that will compliment and enhance the published text Digital Marketing : a Practical Approach.

Each chapter has its own web page that features links to all websites and references mentioned in the book as well as articles that support the content and update issues that have changed since the book was published.

There is also a wealth of information available on my own website :, including links to articles, research papers and tips, hints and advice from the experts - all of which will help with your studies and Internet marketing practice.

Lecturers, see the Instructor Site where there is a wealth of information that will help you deliver your Internet Marketing module using this book as the core text.
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